Why Definitions Matter

DefinitionsMatter when they inform the intelligence of our [Value]s and [ValueSet]s:

Contaminated [Value]{Definition} = Degraded [LivingStandard]{Performance}

And, that matters because it appears that human behavior is greatly [Value]s-driven.  Most humans seek to envision, design and build a [LivingStandard] responsible to their [ValueSet] requirements:  And, then we go about seeking to obtain that which with we value most — our [Value]s: envisioned and performed.

It is observable that the [Value]{Definition}s of some of our most important American identities and behaviors e.g., [{American} Value]s, [{American} LivingStandard]s, and [{American} Economy] have become as degraded, contaminated and threatened as that of our Global Inter-generational Wealth Assets: clean toxin-free food, air and water– a functioning Life-support System (LSS) Earth.

[About the {squiggly}-(bracket) <syntax>…]

DefinitionsMatter when we measure our “moral” behavioral success against our [Value] definitions.  So it matters if the [Value{Label}] and the [Value {Definition}] sync up with our understanding of what we think are the definitions of those [Value]s.

Because human [Value] requirements bring into being our personal [LivingStandard] through our [ConsumerDemand] behavior, that we personally place into the [{American} Economy]:

  • It is observable that these contaminated value definitions are directly and indirectly linked to our degraded and becoming toxic Life-support System: #ConsumerDemand = #DemandConsequences.
  • It is observable that contaminated [Value {Definition}]s are the result of intentional misrepresentations by myriad sources that are Not-responsible to Moral Maturity.

Holy Crap! What Does All That Mean?

(VDD): Values-driven Responsible Systems [LivingStandard] Design (RSD) Moral Maturity Model

Values-driven {Responsible}[LivingStandard] Design (VDD) and BioSphere Infinity Maturity Model (BIM3) intend to describe:

  • the links between our [Value]s, [ValueSet]s and the [LivingStandard] designs that flow from those “spoken” values.  (Discuss Responsibility)
  • the links between the [Value]s <EmbededIn> [LivingSystem] specifications and the technologies, products and services (TP&S) that a [LivingStandard] design specifies. (Design Responsibility)
  • And, the links between those [LivingSystem] specifications,  the Life-support System [LssPerformance] of those TP&S solutions and our opportunities to “Perform” our “Spoken” values in the market place of {Responsible} [ConsumerDemand]. (#DemandResponsibility)

WHY Definitions Matter?

Contaminated [Value]{Definition} = Degraded [LivingStandard]{Performance}

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Author: Duane Tant