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DefinitionsMatter.com: The content on this site is the product of a defined engineering process supporting the Biosphere Infinity Project:

Basically a Glossary

DefinitionsMatter is intended to provide a common language-understanding used to discuss the Biosphere Infinity Project.

This glossary is intended to remove any ambiguity — unintentionally or otherwise — inserted into the conversation of VDD

[{Values-driven}[{Responsible}Living Standard] Design (VDD)]


  • To serve as the Definitions & Terms and Abbreviations & Acronyms sections for Living Standard design technology:
    • VectorLinc Human Responsibility Maturity Model (HRMM);
    • Systems Transition Engineering Protocol (STEP)
  • To facilitate the definition of [ValueSet] [SystemRequirement]s a #ResponsibilityConsumer ( RC ) would use to re-integrate their personal, community, national and global [LivingStandard]s performances towards LSS Optimization.
  • to seek out unambiguous meanings linked to a [Value] [definition] and {label} that the RC can use to performance-measure a Product, Technology or Service against the {Defined}[ValueSet] (Human Living System Requirements).
  • to inspire a Responsibility Working Group (RWG) to facilitate high levels of Responsible Market Maturity in our personal, community, national and global [LivingStandard]s.

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